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Report of the expansion of the Global BBA program.

Dissertation : Report of the expansion of the Global BBA program.. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Report of the expansion of the Global BBA program.




Report of the expansion of the Global BBA program.        1

Global Introduction:        3

Introduction to the market study        6

PESTEL :        6

Political forces:        6

Economic forces:        6

Social forces:        7

Technological forces:        7

Environmental forces:        7

Legal forces:        7

SWOT for the Sweden market:        8

Conclusion:        8

Global Introduction:

The emlyon business school was created in 1872 in Lyon at the time the school was name ESC Lyon.

In 1972 the new parent campus was opened in Ecully near Lyon.

Because of the strong demand from students for business school, the emlyon business school at the beginning of the 2000 decided to create more campus abroad.

[pic 1]

Number of students enrolled in business, management, accounting, and sales degree courses in France from 1980 to 2021

Like in 2007 in China with the campus of Shanghai.

After that in 2014 a campus in Saint-Etienne was created to welcome the students of the Global BBA program.

One year after the emlyon business school present his new campus in Casablanca.

And in 2016 a campus is created in Paris.

The last at the list is the campus in Bhubaneswar Campus in India (2018). And a campus in Mumbai in India in 2021

And we can add that a new parent campus is in construction in the neighborhood of Gerland in Lyon (2024) it will make 30 000 m2 and can welcome near 8 000 students.

[pic 2]The emlyon has in altogether 7 campus (3 in France):


Swot Global BBA:

[pic 3]

Introduction to the market study

For us the best potential market for a new campus of emlyon business is Sweden. We will explain why with a PESTEL analyze and a new SWOT

[pic 4]


PESTEL : is a tool to analyze the macroeconomy. P it is for Political forces, E for Economic forces, S for Social forces, T for Technological forces, E for Environmental forces, and L for Legal forces.

Political forces:

Sweden is a constitutional monarchy. The head of government is the prime minister. Sweden is a member of the European Union and the WTO. Its political stability is very good and conducive to smooth running of business operations.

Economic forces:

[pic 5]

Sweden is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of GDP. It has an export-oriented mixed economy and its GDP in 2019 was worth $530.83 billion (Trading Economics, 2020. The GDP is expected to reach $575.00 billion by the end of 2022.


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