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Vocabulaire d'anglais des sociétés.

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Alexia Sigismeau

Julie Saint-Cricq

Case study

You want to set up your own business.

Work in groups of 2 or 3.

Decide on your project and prepare a detailed business plan.

Think about the location, the premises (locaux), the employees, marketing and advertising, the legal structure.…


  1. Start up a healthy food shop selling organic fruit and vegetables.

Suppliers: To getting some naturel produce we can go to the farmer directly, have stock sold to you via a third party or go through a wholesaler. We’ll probably need more than one delivery a week to keep our stock at a healthy level because for example we could get a box containing a moody cauliflower and a droopy leek. Farmer’s market is another good source of natural, with farmers selling their produce directly to you.

Law: It’s important to be careful because it is not guaranteed that all the produce on sale will be organic. Like with many organic products, farmers must be certificate and have the proper documentation before they can legally call their fruit and vegetables “organic”. It is very important because we could be hauled up in front of the authorities if we start selling non-organic food under false pretenses.

Localization: We need to find and choose the right demographic area.

Cost and employees: We will need to fit out decorate your shop, a cash till, credit card facilities and a storeroom are essential. We also need stock to sell and workers to employ. Always keep in mind regulations such as the minimum wage. Our shop is a small health food shop and we just need one or two assistants because employing a professional

Advertising: Our fame will come by developing loyalty of our customers when we shall make markets.

Legal Structure: We shall create can be a Limited company to be more flexible on the business and be able to hire people.

Customers: Our customers will be people who like healthy food, and who make the markets.


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