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Anglais Cned Devoir 1: Vocabulaire en anglais

Commentaires Composés : Anglais Cned Devoir 1: Vocabulaire en anglais. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Exercice 1 :

1. drive-throughs → r. restaurants avec guichets extérieurs pour automobilistes.

2. Big box store → i. hypermarché

3. to grab → n. augmenter ( être en augmentation )

4. wealth (n) → s. richesse

5. to augur → j. prévoir

6. chief executive → p. PDG

7. spead → f. étendre

8. to spark → o. provoquer

9. growth → q. croissance

10. obvious → t. évident

11. suburban → d. de banlieu

12. retailer → m. détaillant

13. purchase → e. achat

14. average (adj.) → a. moyen(ne)

15. according to → g. selon

16. affordable → c. abordable

17. outlet → h. point de vente

18. to be on the rise → k. saisir

19. tanks → l. réservoir

20. appliance → b. appareil électroménager.

Exercice 2 :

1. True, the Chines car boom affect domestic and international trade.

2. False, China is an open country for the international busness

3. True, « the growth in car use has it's costs, of course, sush as polluted skies and road congestion. »

4. True, «  the obvious winners are automakers like General Motor Co. And Ford Motor Co. Which rebounded from last year's lockluster U.S market in park by turning their focus to China, now the largest cr market in the world. »

5. False, «  in an effort to spread wealth beyond China's big cities, China's central goverment has promoted the construction of more than 30,000 miles of express-ways in the past decade. »

6. True, «  as middle class chinese move out of cities, they are changing the economics of the retail sector. Consumors who once made several trips to a store each week because of limited space for purchases on their bicycle's are shopping less frequently but pistting more goods in the shopping carts tanks to roads and cars. »

7. False, «  now that they have a way to take bigger quantities home consummers are lookng for financial incentives to buy in quantity. »

8. False, «  China petroleum and Chemical corp is learning thaht when people come to fill their tanks they often want more than gazoline. Sinopec, as the campany is known has built nonfuel sections in 15% of it's 95,000 gas stations in the past two years, selling goods such as great wall wine and Kaimi brand fruit-washing cleanser. »

9. True, «  but the new mobility also means more consumers are staying in Hotels, buying goods at suburban sotres and listenning to the radio while driving in their cars. »



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