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bias: prejudice

acquaintance: relation

fueled: alimenter

stake: objectif or a share, smt en jeu

subordinate: depending on smt else

crowd: posse, mob, crew

posse, mob: group of people more agressif

close: near

shut down

wire: cabler

virer l'argent à quelqu'1

crafted: build, create

a crafty parson: smo will do anything to reach the objectif

foster smt: posede sth, have smt

a foster home: famille d'accueil


plain: make smt clearly


reliable: confidence


swindle: con man

swindler: arnaque

embezziement: arnaque

forgery: faire des faux

to fix: to fix a rate

to rigger ( lua dao, gian lan )

( taux fix: a capped rate )

card smo (v): to ask for an identification

doctor: provide a medical treatment, to fix, to mend, to repair

sound (adj): healthy, in good condition, sane, firm, valid

ahead of: in front/ before

à la: similar to

along with: to be good with smt, to agree with

apart from: besides, beside this

as for: as far as this concern ( quant à )

aside from: apart from this

as per: concerning (conformément)

as to: concerning

as well as: also (aussi), like

away from: far from

because of: due to

but for: if it wasn't for (without)

by mens of: in ways of (au moyen de)

close to: next to

contrary to: unlike, conversely, as apposed to

depending on: relying on

due to: because of

except for: apart from this

forward of smo: in front of

forward to: transfer to, pass over

further to: prior to/ before that

in addition to: more over, plus

in between: in


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