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Exemple discussion en anglais sur le choix des collocataires

Fiche : Exemple discussion en anglais sur le choix des collocataires. Recherche parmi 263 000+ dissertations

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How will my flatemate be ?

  • Too search for a roommate I’ll put an advert on internet but i’ll also try the « speed dating » for flatmates. Meeting people online is great because you have a better openning on the « world » but see them face to face is quit better for real contact and start some kind of friendship.

  • If I have a roommate (and i actually do) I want him to be clean, I don’t really care if there is a bit a mess, cause i’m messy too, but I can‘t tolerate too much of dirt or dust, same for the dishes, that just pissing me off. He woud have to be friendly, outgoing and easygoing, for example if i ask him to clean the apartment or the dishes he won’t argue because that's the minimum to do.

I don’t really have any preference on the « smoker » or « not smoker » type but if he can be a good drinker or at least an occasional dinker so we could have some beers together. Also if he is a musician and a rock lover it would be a great deal, we coud go to some rock’n’roll concert and drink more beers.

And last thing, the most important of all, he’ll obviously have some money to pay the bill.

  • For my part I’m not really a good cook but I manage pasta. I’m clean (most part of the time), friendly, considerate, I can be a bit shy but when you start to know it’ll just roll perfectly. And to finish I’m not a smoker but as I said I never say no to a good beer.

CLABAUT Corentin.


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