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Exemple de script pour les saveurs alimentaires (document en anglais)

Thèse : Exemple de script pour les saveurs alimentaires (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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Example of Script for Food Flavors:

1 / - Be sure that it is always the same person who handles the case.

- Make contact with someone concerned.

- Present my approach: Flavors have been sold in the past that is why I contacted you.

- Specify that I can send references by email. Confirmation the phone conversation (with a brief summary of the situation).

- Or propose sending the lists of all the samples have already been sent.

2 / - Ask why they do not buy the flavors now:

- Have they replaced our flavors? Have they stopped the range of products?

- Try to find out why in both cases.

- Link to change the subject.

- Do they have any current projects?

3 / - Projects:

- Are they interested in a particular flavor?

- Do they work on new tastes in the existing ranges?

- On new concepts?

- Or possibly the "cost saving" of existing products?

4 / - Having in mind their product ranges.

- Watch if they make organic products.

- If not, why? Have they stopped?

5 / - Proactive Presentation:

- We can offer them a proactive presentation of fat filling.

- Or better yet, adapt proactive presentation with the information collected about their new projects.

6 / - For applications: Once the project application acquired for a presentation, consider a period of 15 days for the realization of finished products (marketing materials 2 to 3 days for sending transport.).


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