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Iphone 5 , mon choix de téléphone ( en anglais)

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I have chosen the new iPhone by Apple, the iPhone 5. It is a new generation of mobile phone with the thinnest, lightest and fastest iPhone since iPhone. It offer the most popular camera in the world caused by the new panorama feature. iPhone 5 is just indescribable in few words, five minutes in your hands and you will adopt it for sure.

To promote the new iPhone, I decided to make a poster, which could be used in press (newspapers, magazines,…) but also as a bus and tube advertising. I have imagined a poster with at the top on the left, the word “before” and at the foot on the right, the word “Now”. The poster would be divided in two by a horizontal line. This line would not be a simple line but a sentence “be different, use iPhone 5”:

- Above: three pictures showing different parts of a castle, three nice but not exceptional pictures of an impressive and wonderful French castle.

- Below: only one but impressive and exceptional picture of the same place. The picture would take the whole place.

I have imagined this advertising for few reasons. In the second part of the poster, the picture’ show how the new panorama feature can offer an exceptional quality. It’s a mobile phone with camera quality … and who could be interesting by this type of picture and quality? Parents? I already imagine, parents taking family pictures in a park, at home, at grandma/granddad family …

Another target could also be young people: iPhone is synonym of cool, fashion and luxury. Young people like to be at the top of fashion, the want to get the most popular brand and because the iPhone 5 is at the top, they would love to get the new one. But, this type of advertising is it really efficient on young people? Of course, in addition to the panorama pic, the words “before” and “now” with the sentence “be different, use iPhone 5” shows that get an iPhone is to be at the top.

To conclude, I have chosen a poster as advertising because we can use it in different but specific places. Tube advertising is the perfect place to touch young people and bus advertising for families (in their cars)


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