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Devoir anglais appelé Google ... émeutes

Analyse sectorielle : Devoir anglais appelé Google ... émeutes. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Devoir d'anglais

This document, entitled Google...the riots is a press article which was published in the daily newspaper Daily Telegraph, on august 27th 2011.

It deals with government intention to establish a law to control the Internet which is in opposition with the Google spokesman.

I. The charges

The governement has decided to implement necessaries measures to stop the internet through a law to prevent troublemakers.

Indeed, a meeting between Home Secretary, police and executives from social media networks considering a solution for prevent criminal behaviour.

As a matter of fact, with services like BlackBerry Messenger, users can send free-of-charge real-time messages which allow to develop a newtork of yobs and organisation of their movements are more efficient.

Yet, the Governement doesn't search others ways to close down siteweb like BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook or Twitter.

II. The defense

According to the head of Google, he is against of the governement decisions. And forbid the Internet because he thinks that it is the fault of users who use in a bad way this tool. "it's a mistake to look in the mirror and decide to break the mirror".

The problem doesn't come from the internet but it's a society problem. We know a drift from English people. Looting and vendalism are more and more present on this population.

The spokesman said also that a return to a "Victorian" approach bringing "art and science back together", in other words a return on the straight road is important and allow to stop drifts from users.

And he said that the way how use computer is not learnt in UK schools. People doesn't use advisedly Internet, a questioning must be made. Internet is a great tool but it must not be used in harmful purposes.

III. Conclusion

What I found striking in the article, is that to see the damage on the Internet. As a matter of fact, more and more serious problem are coming. For example, criminal and terrorists take the advantage of internet to materializes their goal. They exploit cyber café as their means of fulfilling their task. it is called cyber bullying.

However, the Internet is a easy and fast tool, by using internet students can go through several books from the far-off libraries. Also it makes additional information resources available, it enhances dynamic communication.


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