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The Summary ,Presentation of my Company ,Day of Work in my restaurant , My Cv in English

Rapport de stage : The Summary ,Presentation of my Company ,Day of Work in my restaurant , My Cv in English. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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1 – The Summary

2- Presentation of my Company

3- Day of Work in my restaurant

4- My Cv in English

5- summary of my 3 years dnl

6- School trips

My Name is Jeremy, i am seventeen years old and this year i went to Savoy in Bourget Du Lac, approximatly ten minutes from Chambery and Chambord.

In Bourget there is a famous gourmet hotel-restaurant, it's called " Le Bateau Ivre "

This Restaurant has two macaroons and four stars for the Hotel, it's very beautiful area, it has next to the restaurant the biggest lake of the france called "Le Lac Du Bourget", it is sixty-four kilometres long, a beautiful lake with a pure water and behind you can see " Le Mont Ravart".

This Restaurant can welcome thirty-five couverts in the gastronomique room and fourty couverts in seminary room !

The hotel has fivetenn luxury rooms with beautiful views of the Lake and two suites.

In the Restaurant, he has a famous chef in the world, it's called Jean Pierre Jacob, he has a team of five cooks :

- Jerome ( chef of cooking)

- thierry ( second, he create all the sauce)

- Me ( chef of " Le Garde Manger"

- Antoine ( pastry chef)

And Madi ( the Dishwasher)

⦁ The lunch menu which was thirty-five euros

⦁ menu of the poetry who was fivty-five euros

⦁ Verlaine the menu is a eighty-sixe euros

and finally we have the Rimbaud menu which is a one-hundred and thirty euros

In Service, he has Lucas, it's the maitre-waiters,Jennifer who is a waiters, Pavell also is a waiter, Menji who is a waitress and for the end Monia who is the wine-waitress

My workday in the restaurant

I wape up every morning at 8:00 (am) for it ready at 8:30 (am) in the kitchen, I put my apron then i went to see my "mise en place" for the service, for my post I need alle the service this :

⦁ My maki rols

⦁ My fois gras cream

⦁ my tangy tartare

⦁ my limon cutted

⦁ my bourgeons d'epycea

⦁ my nettles chips

⦁ my perchos

⦁ my apple sticks

And After for my "mise en place" of entries i need this :

⦁ My tempura melting

⦁ my verbena jelly

⦁ My Herbs

⦁ my fish rolls

⦁ My dome of egg white

⦁ my Radish Slices

⦁ my fish soup

⦁ my primrose flower

⦁ my quice mash

⦁ mes uméboshi tiles

⦁ my salt melting

⦁ my lemon marmalade

⦁ my urchins creame

⦁ mes fried onion slices

And for the end, for the cheese dishes i need this :

⦁ my pabana siphon

⦁ my melting of Reblochon in a siphon

⦁ my melting of Reblochon in a boxe

⦁ my gingerbread croutons

⦁ my salad

And after this i make all the fish preparations

⦁ portioning the fera

⦁ cut all thins fillets

It's for the plates :

1-" char thins with his spicy juice"

2- "Chizo Scallops"

3- "oyster with her verbena jelly"

4- "Scallops tempura with her grenade grout"

5- " vichyssoise"

7- "urchins creame"

8- fera, potatoes with his coconut sauce

9- Melting of Reblochon revisited

Then once everything was'm going to eat it, we had 15 minutes to eat, came back on the table

I had to prepare myself for the service!, I quickly send wholes occupied the appetizers and then I spent on enries , frittures etc. ..

Once the dishes pantry sent correctly, I would help the pastry (Antoine) Because he was alone .. I perked up at the same time as him and when he asked me I was the sweets ..

The sweets every day we gather there different tastes such as macaroons was changing every week, flakes flavored ice was changing every day, emulsions fruit was changing every day also.

But it never changed the presentation, always the same presentation !!

For example here for the sweets 3 is composed of

⦁ water apple

flake-ice flavored with red fruit

⦁ macaroons rhubarbe



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