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The Importance Of Creating A Successful Corporate Identity And Corporate Image For Enterprises In Marketing Management

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This article show about how it is important to considerate corporate management and corporate identity which are both lead but different. Along this article marketing management is shown as a big part of successful of a business. It’s how you can attract more and more people to buy or follow your services.

First of all, let’s talk about corporate identity; identity is abour physical appearance, visual elements which are used in various applications to promote the image of an organisation. It’s what you can see and what its look like. it has to follow many stage to ensure is success on the market as corporate design, corporate communication, corporate behaviour and philosophy.

Second, corporate image; corporate image is lead to the perception, the opinion that can lead to the consumers how you can perceive, interpret what you see, the point is to transmet an information to the public even is they don’t want to. It’s how you can think about it without really knowing it. It want to create trust on the target. Corporate image is lead to three other corporate as corporate design, corporate communication and corporate behaviour.

Thanks to the corporate identity and image, the enterprise wants to create something unique which will lead to a proper recognition of its own brand or of its product. They want Difference, being unique and persuasive.

To be successful, the firm has to go through many step, to respond to the attempt of the clients as it said on the article “the client is the king” never forget that you have to follow what they want, what they prefer, they are your success. Research, strategy and practice are the step. The research is really important to find which is the target, how to get the demand.

Having a good strategy, knowing exactly what is the plan will for sure lead to a successful practice.

Corporate identity and corporate image are very important for the company it’s the way to conduct to recognition of a label or a brand, never forget what customer think and want, they are the most important. Corporate identity and corporate image has to lead to a positive image if not everything can be lost.


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