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For the most part, extreme sports, like many other physical activities, offer great health and wellness benefits to their participants. Activities like mountain climbing and biking, surfing, skateboarding, and biking require participants to be in peak physical condition to ensure not only that they can perform the activity, but also that they can perform it safely.

The second positive benefit of extreme sports is the pleasurable release of endorphins or the adrenaline rush that the participant experiences. It can feel really, really good to excel or compete in these extreme activities and it is easy to get hooked. The term "adrenaline junkie" can certainly apply to extreme sport athletes.

A third positive benefit is a mental one. The confidence and experience gained from these sometimes brushes with death can make other real world situations, both at home and in the workplace, seem like a cake walk. The lessons learned from facing the difficulties and the risks of these extreme sports are very valuable in everyday life.

It is also possible to gain fame or notoriety from performing death defying acts. Names like Evel Knieval and Tony Hawk are iconic and legendary names in the lore of American popular culture. Thrill seekers are romanticized and idolized by many who dream of being able to perform their breath taking stunts. However, it is important to note only a few reach this status and it is a very long and difficult journey.


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