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Spaces And Exchanges

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Spaces and exchanges

The notion i m going to deal with, is entitled spaces and exchanges. First of all, let me define this notion. Space and exchanges suggest relationships with other countries, travels, influence acquired though culture, trade, politics, economy. Thanks to new means of communication, exchanges are easier, better. Consequently nations can be transformed quickly and deeply.

I ll illustrate this notion talking about internet and i’ll try to answer this question : What impact does the internet have on our social life ? we will see the positive aspects and then the negative ones.

I) positive aspects

On the one hand, there is a lot of positive aspcets.

Thanks to Goolge wich is the most popular and powerful search engine ; we can go on different sites or social networks like Facebook or twitter.

It allows a world wide communication in a rapid way.

We can learn lot of things thanks to free encyclopedia like Wikipedia wich is the most important.

Nowadays thanks to internet there are no borders between people all over the world because of this new means of communication.

The visual document entitled « screens everywhere » is an exemple of this idea. Indeed This cartoon symbolises the virtual link between the different people on the earth thanks to the internet.

But to my mind, ever if the internet is very convenient, practical, to communicate, to keep in touch with people who are miles away from you, this cartoon stresser the danger of virtual relationships. Face to face relationships become rare and rarer today.

II) negative aspects

On the other hand we can do lot of things on internet but it’s not the real life. Moreover it’s not good for the health if we spend a lot of time , glued to our screen. Indeed we can make sports on a computer.It s not good for the eyes and the skin. The visual document entitled « rake the leaves» shows this idea. The cartoonist denounces the huge gap between the virtual world and reality.

Even if the internet has many advantages, it shows drawbacks : computer addicts become cut off from reality. They live in a virtual world, in a world of their own.

To my mind, the cartoonist exaggerate too much. But he is right about the internet users who are cut off from reality.

Internet can be very harmflull if people are not careful. The visual document entitled « facebook» shows this idea. This cartoon deals with social networks in particular facebook wich is the most popular. The cartoonist warns these users of the danger of facebook if its users aren’t careful about what they post on it.

Indeed (the cartoonist) it aims at showing social networks users the danger of them because they can lose very quickly their identity. Unfortunately they can’t do anything, they are defenceless vulnerable.

Personally, I think the cartoon reaches its aims/goal, to make people aware of the risks. Moreover, social networks are a threat to privacy.

To conclude,


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