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Why is it important to have a role model in our lives ?

Étude de cas : Why is it important to have a role model in our lives ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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EXPOSÉ ANGLAIS (rôle model)

I/ Definition 

Firstly, a role model is someone that somewhere you like and who inspires you  a lot maybe without knowing it. It can be compared as an influencer on Instagram or Facebook for example.

You find him attractive and interesting and you follow his interest.

II/ Why do we need it in our lives ?

We need a person like a role model because we obviously need to refer to someone, here the role model’s playing the role of the right guy who, most of the time, succeeded in life, and who seems fulfilled and proud of his accomplishments.

The only idea that a human being can be so perfect (for the person interested in it) reassure somewhere.

III/ Talk about his own life and accomplishments and why he’s renowned

First of all, his carrier begin somewhat banal. He had few roles in ads and telefilms before being spotted at 13 by Steven Spielberg (Empire du soleil, 1987).

This meeting allowed his carrier and his reputation to take off in a big way. After that, he moved to L.A. and integrates the Hollywood cinema’s world. He auditions for The Titanic but he’s quickly beaten by DiCaprio. Despite this failure he’s offered the PB role in American Psycho by Mary Harron  en 2000. This new movie allows him de fit in American cinema and brings other realisators to choose him for their films like Christopher Nolan in Batman or again Brad Anderson in the Machinist.

What’s the link between all these roles ?

This is the ability Bale has to immerse himself in his characters, emottionnaly and physicly

Indeed, he’s famous for have lost or gained a lot of weight for their roles.

This point allows us to affirm his fame.

V/ Is it dangerous to have a role model as far as identity is concerned ?

From our point of view, it is not dangerous to have a role model strictly speaking.

I will simply say that we need to take a step back from theses different models who are exposed to us especially at our age, an age were we are susceptible to be more or less influenced by person like those.

I’d simply say that the only danger that having a role model can bring is let yourself be blinded by the latter.



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