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Spaces And Exchanges

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In every society of every countries we note that mentalities and relationships are different relative of places. In an emerging country such as India there is different social issues between the richer who have westernized mentalities and poorer which are more quondam. During black segregation the racism were different according to the different states. So we may wonder to what extend the various spaces bring to different relationship. First, we will focus to the spaces. Then I’ll present you the exchanges.


In India we have conclude that the relations depend of the places. Indeed as we know India is an emerging country so we understand that India has developed an undeveloped area. The principal develop area are the cities where we can found rich people. So they have a westernized attitude, activities, culture because they are include to the globalization especially to the most important MNF: Bollywood. During segregation we have observed different type of segregation. In southern state, the segregation was more violent: 14 states had members to the KKK. They committed very violent acts such as plunders, rapes, murders just to impose the white supremacy. Whereas the north was more lax. Indeed segregation started by removing blacks from important job such as jobs related to justice. Then some blacks were just commit of White. Even if it was more lax, blacks were poorly paid and had bad working condition. Thus, relationships between depend of spaces that’s why in the movie the butler directed by Lee Daniel he wants his son to stay in the north.


In an emerging country as India some profit of the globalization to develop but some stay margins of it. Indeed, in India we still observe that they are still in a hierarchical society with the Cast system. There are 4 social classes: priest, warrior, merchants and servants. There are huge inequalities between because only 1/3 is literate and 40% of the population earn less than 2$ a day. Furthermore there are no mixed schools, places, temples. During American segregation we have seen that there were differences type of relationships between blacks and whites. In the north it was a kind of war. But in the south blacks and whites were more closed. Indeed they were few hidden wedding between black and whites. Moreover some white’s person told that they had confidential relation with blacks people. But it was dangerous to this kind of relationship because if some white person knew that the punishment could star from prison to death.

Thus, we must conclude that in emerging society or during segregation, relationships depend of where you were. That’s why if I were Indian I would leave rural area to go in cities where there are more opportunities to found jobs and where they could be mixed as the westernized culture and where the system of cast is more lax.


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