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Oral D'anglais Myths And Heroe

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I'm going to talk about the definition of a hero, but I think it's very difficult to give just ones because everybody does not have the same definition. So, let me explain my own definition.

When I was a child, I look up heroes that I saw to the TV or in books as Spiderman or Totally Spies for instance. They often had super powers and were invincible. But unfortunately they don't exist in real life. However to my mind we don't need super powers to will be a heroe and during the history there were lots of heroe such as Mandela or Rosa Parks who we studied in class. Indeed, they struggled for the Blacks rights and they took some risks for equality. Nowaday I think our vision of heroes has changed, we look up to athletes. Their performances are often seen as exploits and what's more they embody values which we can associated with the idea of a heroe.

To conclude, in my view point, there are several definitions of the hero. But the idea that we have of a heroe has changed. Nowadays we need to look up somebody who look like us or who has managed one's life. Singers, athletes, actors are the new heroes but we'll never forget the real heroe who rythmed our story througt their struggle to defend human rights such as freedom, equality or independence.


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