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Oral anglais myth et hero

Discours : Oral anglais myth et hero. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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  Myth and hero

    I'm going to talk about the notion Myths and hero, first of all I'm going to give a definition, a myths can be defined as a story about gods and heroes. A hero can be a mytholigical figure, a personn who is admired for his or her achievment a superheroe or maybe a rôle model our an icon.

I would like to illustrated this notion throught Steve Jobs the inventor of Appel.

How Steve Jobs can be considered like a heroe ?

Teve Jobs is the co-founded Apple computers with Steve Wozniak Under Job's guidance, the campagny pioneered a series of revolutionnary technologies including the Iphone and Ipad. He started Appel computer with Steve Wozniak ( an american computer scientist as one of the founders of Apple and the inventor of the Apple II computer) in 1976 Appel's revolutionnary products, which include the Ipod, Iphone, and Ipad are now seen as dictating the evolution of modern technology. He died in 2011. The biographer expresses his deep admiration for Steve Jobs in the text « I- way to heaven » al throught he seems to have a few reservations concerning his contreversial management style. It's crystal-clear that the biographer looks up to Steve Jobs. The tune used  laudatory insofar as the writer writes very hightly of Steve Jobs achievments. His admiration is conveyed by such words as « legend », « revolutionize » his place in history « and staure ». The emphasis on the word « creation » makes him look like a God.

Appel is the name of the campany of Steve Job. He choosed the nameAppel because, it's a symbol of lust and knowledge, the strong desire for knowledg.Combined with the colour of the rainbow, there is an oblique reference to the hippie culture, a subject dear to Job's heart. It's also so interresting to remenber that the Beatles had choosen the name Appel for their record labe. The brand Appel it's a Biblical reference to the forbiddenfruit of knowledge « Eve offered an apple to Adam in the bible ».

Apple is at the crossroad of art and technology, the aestetic beauty attained by apple designers gave him the UPPER HAND on their main rivals. It's a brand of a mobile ( smartphone), Ipad, and Ipod. And every year we have a new model of Apple. The first Apple mobile it was Iphone 3GS, and today we have Iphone6 and Iphone 6+. The technology of Aplle is envolved every year. Today we are waiting for teh next Apple.

        We can conclude, Steve Jobs can be defined like a hero, because his achievement, his creation of Apple show a new technology for the teenagers and adults. The aesteti, the beauty, the model of the mobile attracted lot's of people. He's shown as a megalomaniac who wanted to control evrything. He must have been very demanding with his employees and ver authoritarian. He didnt always behave in the cool way vague approximations or uncertainly.

His creation resembled like him.


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