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Myths And Heroes

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Myths and Heroes

As a general rule, a hero is fictional like Superman, with his superpowers, or James Bond who is a character in a movie. But someone like anyone else can be a hero because of his qualities; this can be applied to people like Firemen who are always risking their lives to rescue people from fire or like Martin Luther King who fought against segregation in the 1950’s and who defended black people’s rights. But nowadays, there is a new kind of hero, a modern-time hero who is admired by lots of people because of his successful life or career. 

To illustrate this notion, I am going to present you two examples which turn(shoot) around two problems

In first Steve Jobs. How a common person can become an envied personality whom we can qualify as " modern hero "? Steve Jobs was an orphan and he was adopted by a lower middle class family. He dropped out from school and he didn°t graduate from university. He had nothing to succeed, he starts from scratch. Steve Jobs revolutionised the world of computers with, Apple. Over the years he climbed the social ladder. He influenced people's lives with his achievements. Steve Jobs is considered like a hero because to make the top he was and hard-worker, career-driven with strong-willed. Today he remains a role model, an example of success.


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