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Myths And Heroes

Dissertation : Myths And Heroes. Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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Myth and heroes

On the one side, we have myths which represent a unreal tale with a hero who has a symbolic value. But on the other, we have heroes who are a real or legendary character. How can we define if a person is a hero or if a tale is a myth? First we are going to talk about myths. Then we will study heroes.

There is lots of myths, some about the creation like the Aborigene myth, others about love stories like Romeo and Juliet, and some more about lots of things as heroes like the one on Achilles. We can remark that all those myths respect some rules. They are all legendary. Indeed, they all come from a story which has been invented and told to people. Then, we can see that they all possess a hero who's supposed to has a symbolic value. Effectively, Romeo and Juliet are the heroes of the play which is called of the same name. In the Aborigene myth, there is Karora and Achilles is the hero of his myth. Those heroes show you important things of life like love, courage, birth of thinks, creation…

Then we have heroes. According to cultures, they are different. Real or unreal, they can be a demigod, an epic character, a role model, a superman or simply a courageous person who reveals self-sacrifices. It is someone you can admire for what he is or what he does and that's why he's a kind of model. There are so many examples of heroes. We can talk about Harry Potter, who is a hero of a fantastic story about wizards. Still in the fantastic side, we have Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games which is more realistic but which takes place in the future and in another world. Then we have heroes who are persons who had existed or who still exist. In this category, we can talk about Mandela who's a world symbol of the fight against inequalities or about the Beatles who are a very famous boys band known for its songs.

So, there is so many heroes and myths of which we can talk about. And all are respecting the same rules. Legendary or real, they are especially guiding you, showing you the essential things of life, and sometimes just making you dream about things you don't have explications about.


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