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Myths And Heroes

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The American dream means that all people living in the united states can, by his work, his courage, and his determination, be successful even started with nothing. However, the election of Barack Obama is linked to this notion, since he said during his campaign that he wanted to "keep the American dream alive ". This possibility should be available to all Americans, so all immigrants because, except the American Indians who nowadays represents the minority of American population, the USA is a nation of immigrants as it says in the document "a nation of immigrants". Since obama's father is Kenyan, Obama certifies that the American dream is not reserved for immigrants from Europe, but those drone Africa can also access.

Oprah Winfrey is a pure incarnation of the American dream because, started with nothing, she became one of the most influential woman of the country, like we saw in class in the document " a successful woman ".

Bill Gates is also a myth of the American dream. He started not with nothing but he stopped school and nobody known that he bbecame one of the richest in the world.

Michael Jackson also embodies this dream. He was Tyne first afro american who has his video clip passed on the music channel MTV.

That's some myth of the American dream but is this dream really true?

Indeed the reality is quite different sometimes. This dream is an illusion fort some people. It opens our eyes to the economic crisis and the unemployment. The American dream is one of the biggest reason for which people migrate to USA, but at first we need the green card for enter in America, and it's not so simple to get the green card. There is also a lot of concurrence since everyone want to go to USA to realize this dream. So most of people don't succeed very well. Actually all American are not rich. More than half American population earn less than 19 thousands euro every year.

To conclude Americans don't hide the past successes of the American dream, but they agree to say that today it's almost impossible. But, the United States remains an attractive country. Even today, many people dream to visiting this country for their cultures, their food or for the most adventurous try to achieve the American dream. For me this is just a dream because it's to difficult to realize it


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