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Myths And Heroes

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I'm going to talk about the theme of myths and heroes. Firstly, I'll define the words myth and hero. A myth is a popular story. It originally explained the origins of humanity.It delivers a message about the human condition and also gives elements as to the collective identity of a social group. These myths are updated, reinvented in a way that each civilisation deals with. What's more, a hero is a person admired for his achievements, noble qualities and great courage. He is a legendary character who is ready for extraordinary exploits. Through these myths and heroes, there are values of society.The value or nature of a hero can vary with the country, society or people. We may answer this question :how have myths and heroes changed our lives? We will see that myths and heroes inspire our(ou rien) fundamental values.

We are going to start talking about myths and heroes who have had cultural influence. In this category, we can start by talking about Steve Jobs. He became a real hero even a myth at times. He reflected on and emphasised change. Steve Jobs had an ordinary life story but he was a genius. He overcame a lot of hardships, he was as vulnerable as other people, for example he left school, fought to make his firm work, he was fired and had serious health problems. Steve Jobs was an inventor, he improved and advanced the computer and computing.Steve Jobs is considered a hero because to make it to the top he was a hard-worker, career-driven and strong-willed. Today he remains a role model, an example of success.

There are heroes who had a political influence. For example, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks had very important roles in the history of African-Americans. Martin Luther King was an African American clergyman, activist, and prominent leader in the American civil rights movement. He wanted equality for all, he fought against discrimination in the realms of suffrage, justice, education, and political representation. It was his wit and dynamic personality that captured his audiences and he made you think about the people he was fighting for. He is still an American hero.Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man. She was subsequently arrested and taken to jail for her defiance. She was sick and tired of the segregation laws.

Furthermore, we can identify a third category of myths and heroes. Today a hero is a man or woman who is characterized by his bravery, his mental or physical strength. A man who is illustrious and famous for his exploits and actions, who has realised heroic actions. A hero can be a main character in a movie, a story or a poem. A hero has many human qualities, he is generous, loyal, just, determined, nice, brave and courageous. A hero can also be an illustrious person who is venerated and idealized. It's everyday heroes like firemen, policemen, and soldiers. They are considered heroes by many people. They risk their lives for other people. For example, on 09/11 the Twintowers were destroyed by terrorists using two aircrafts . Every fireman, soldier, policeman, and person, who had to help many other people during this horrible disaster, is considered a hero. Thanks to their courage, many people have survived this disaster.

To conclude, we can say that myths and heroes have changed our lives. Real or not real, they have a capacity to change the minds of many people, to help them and to change the course of history. They


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