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Myths And Heroes

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First I would like to give a definition of this notion:

The myth deals with the human condition, its story which is transmitted at first orally is embodied by a hero, a place or a community. A myth it’s to be interested in the heroes and stories which a collective identity. The universality of myth shows how each interprets cultural human experience and built works to express it. Each time borrows myths and updates or creates new ones. The hero can be a real or fictional character who marked the tradition, history and everyday life. Popular culture and counterculture stop producing their own heroes.

To illustrate the notion, I have chosen cartoons, which represent the American History; he called “American Myths in Cartoons”.

We can see Amerindian who building a fence, to make a border to stop the settlers who arrive in a little wooden boat .

in the middle there is a rock where it’s written “Plymouth Rock”,

Plymouth Rock ("Plymouth Rock") is the supposed location of Massachusetts to the north-eastern United States, where in 1620, William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims landed to found the Plymouth Colony and the namesake city.

Below this cartoon we can read : “…”, that is to say, the author wanted to show that according to him, the settler


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