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Myth And Heroes

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The first document I have chosen is a cartoon by Petar Pismestrovic in 2005. It’s a collection of symbolic images of America, they all symbolize America. They show famous icons and landmark. Through the artist wants to show us that he approves of the dream of America. The cartoon shows a land of entertainment with the famous icons such as Marilyn Monroe because she was one of the most popular film stars of the 1950’s and became Hollywood’s best-know sex symbol. But we can see Elvis Presley or “The King” was a pop singer, guitar player and famous actor. He became the world’s most popular singer (viva Las Vegas). He died of accidental drug overdose. Then, there are Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney is the creator and a made the first long cartoon and a land of power with Uncle Sam is a symbol of the USA government. This cartoon perfectly illustrates the idea of myths and heroes with the symbol, now we will talk about a land of plenty because there are coca cola and mac Donald it shows a symbol of globalization and in the world they are very famous, next the land of freedom and achievement. Freedom with lady Liberty stands on Liberty Island designed by Frederic Auguste Bartoli and Gustave Eiffel. She wearing a robe and seven points spiked, symbolizing the seven seas, she has the date of the declaration of independence (4 Juillet 1776). Achievement with Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills, there are the heads of former US presidents: G. Washington, T. Jefferson, T. Roosevelt and A. Lincoln. The different person and object show the American myth and heroes and a land of opportunities, of justice for all with the American flag in the background also called the old glory. But I can critical this document because Dreamland is a distorted vision of America because missing poverty, racism, junk food, obesity…


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