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My name is NAME. I’m a 22 Years Old. I am a student who studies in sandwich course. Indeed, at the beginning of the week, I work in ENTREPRISE France in Paris, and the two ending days, I learn in ECOLE

At the present time, I’m 2nd year student and prepare a BTS Assistant de Gestion PME PMI. Sandwich Course is a good thing because on the one hand, it’s allowed to have a professional experience, to prepare a certificate, all of it earning money.

ENTREPRISE is a company which practice in buildings materials trade. It’s a big company which employed 400 persons.

Exactly, I work in the computing (IT) unit. This is the biggest department of ENTREPRISE Indeed are 200 Persons. As consequence, there is every day a lot of work. My supervisor names MANAGER. We work in the same office.

My tasks are very varied. That’s a good thing because I can’t see a lot of things, during this training.

Indeed, I organize the business travel of our co-workers. Therefore, I book trains, hotels, renting cars, and plane tickets. I can book too some rooms for meeting.

I manage the expense report, check invoices and contracts.

In general, we must to manage the life of our unit. That’s why we organize Team-Building, and Cocktails to relax employees.

One day I can to welcome a new person, and the other day I can manage an offices moving.

My relation with MANAGER is perfect. She is a nice person who teaches me everyday new things. Sometimes, in the goal to laugh, she considers me like his son because he has the same age.

Even if I’m a young student, I have a lot of responsibilities in my work, and employees integrate me like a real employee.

Come what may, this experience will be enriching for me because it’s allow me to see how a big company develop.


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