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AUGUSTIN MAEVA 1ère L                                           Thursday, 9th febuary 2017.

                                                  COMPREHENSION ORALE  

  1.  Complete the table. (8 pts)

 Number of speakers : Total : 3 Male : 2  Female : 1

Where does the scene probably take place? (justify)

The boy tried to find her real mother So I think, the scene probably take place in the home of the boy’s biological mother.

Details about each speaker’s family. (Indicate jobs when mentioned.)

Speaker 1 : Adopted son of speaker 2. He is Physiotherapist

Speaker 2 : She have 2 brothers. She is an operator in a factory

Details about each speaker’s job :

Speaker 1 : It helps to the good recovery (to the rehabilitation) of people returning from surgery

Speaker 2 :

  1. Answer the following questions ( 8pts )
  1. What is Speaker 2 looking for ?

He is looking for his biological parents

B. Does Speaker 2 find what he’s looking for? Why / why not?

He did not really find it because he still lacks the identity of his father

                   C .How does Speaker 2 prove what he’s looking for?

                         To prove it, he tells the truth to his mother

                           D. Why does Speaker 1 say ‘I can’t be your mother, can I?

         She cited that she was 100% sure she had never slept with a black so she could not be the mother of Speaker 2

e. What does Speaker 1 say she should remember ?

She was very surprised then shameful and confused, (I feel so shamed down to be sorry.) "

f. In fact, does she remember? (Justify your answer.)

The fact of being surprised that her baby was black "I had no idea my baby was black." She was aware of the baby's existence and therefore remembered it.

3) True or false? Justify your answer with elements from the dialogue.

a. Speaker 1 regrets not being present for Speaker 2. TRUE

b. Speaker 1 is surprised Speaker 2 is single : True "A smart looking guy like you ?"

c. Speaker 1 likes her job : False "It's money"

d. Speaker 1 thinks Speaker 2 has made a success of life : True


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