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Anglais Oral: sur un article “labor officials scrutinize a rise in unpaid interns”

Documents Gratuits : Anglais Oral: sur un article “labor officials scrutinize a rise in unpaid interns”. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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This document is an article extracted from the Global edition of the new york times, this article was written by Steven Greenhouse in 2010 the six of April 2010. The tittle of this article is “labor officials scrutinize a rise in unpaid interns”

This article is about the rise of unpaid interne

This article is composed of seventeen paragraph

So this article is about the rise of unpaid internships in Usa,

First of all we learned that the official in many states like Oregon or California lauch an investigation cause they conviced that many unpaid internships violate the minimum wage law,

then we learned that Patricia Smith and the New York State's labour commissioneur order an investigation into several intership compagnies

Also we learned, thanks to this article, that the violation are widespread cause intern are often afraid to file complaints cause they're afraid for our potential chance to find a an employer for their future,

The Labour Department says it is cracking down on compagnies that fail to pay interns properly and expanding effort to educate compagnies, universities and student on the law regarding internship

For ilustrate the fact that the rise of unpaid interne we learned that employers posted 6 thousand and forty three unpaid internship on Stanford's job board during the academic years of this artcle so in 2010, whether more than the triple, the 1 hundred seventy four posted two years ago (for the article)

Finally the last issue of this situation, like Kathryn Edwards said in this artcile, is the unpaid interns are often not considered empoyees and therefore are not protected by employment discrimination laws


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