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Jeep has to change the name off his 4x4 to honour the native american tribe

The chief of the Cherokee nation, Chuck Hoskins Jr., asked the Jeep company to change the name of their car, which actually is Cherokee. It is important remember here that Cherokee is a Native American tribe. I feel concerned because I worry about the environment, and i feel this request as a symbol of their fight for the environment. They don’t want to be bound to cars that pollute, and i think that’s a good way to say it. Also, they want people to get information on their history. What the car company is doing here is an act of cultural appropriation because it is using the image of the tribe to sell its cars.

When our organisation for indigenous affairs heard about this, we immediately decided to make a petition.The aim of this petition is to encourage the Cherokee nation, to raise more attention to this current fight and to educate people on the history and struggle of the First Nations instead of just polluting the planet in the seat of a jeep. This seat is, in the same way, the seat of hypocrisy which claims that they are honouring a tribe, which is not at all true. It all comes down to the fact that what they are doing is appropriating a culture that has been stolen for generations.

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“Native American Cherokee Tribe Believes It's Time For American Businesses And Sports Teams To Stop Using Their Names” ( journal la voix du nord)

indeed, Chuck Hoskin says that this is not an honor for the tribe to get their name on the side of the car, but the honor would be that we inform ourselves about them.

So this spokesperson requested jeep to change their name. which got extended to other companies: The Washington football team and the Cleveland baseball team, for instance, recently gave up their names borrowed from Native American tribes, the Redskins and the Indians, respectively.

But Jeep didnt change anything yet, which is why we created this petition. this cultural appropriation has to stop.

Native Americans have been colonised, murdered and enslaved for centuries. They have actively been struggling against this violence since 1968. First beginning with Europeans forcibly stealing away their land and now continuing with their use of Native American culture for profit. Jeep tattooed their cars with the name of a First Nations tribe as if it was given to them. The natives are fighting against the appropriation of their people and the land but this fight isn’t over, it is moving forward and we got the power to help it to get in size.

I am speaking to all of you. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what your ethnicity is, give this tribe an opportunity to be heard.

Sign up to make your world better, Cherokee tribe needs you. All voices count.


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