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Was America a good place to live in the 1920s?

Dissertation : Was America a good place to live in the 1920s?. Recherche parmi 272 000+ dissertations

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Was America a good place to live in the 1920s?

The "Roaring Twenties" suggest a moment of change, prosperity and excitement. Indeed flappers, automobiles and new films form exciting images of people who have fun. On another side we will see that these years hide things negative. I will look at all aspects of American life be it good and bad, "white and black" and end with a conclusion as balanced as possible about the diversity and resseblance of the 1920s compared to our time, bringing my own opinion.

I think wise to start with aspects that do not directly come to mind.

If I had lived as a teenager in the 1920s, it would have been unavoidable for me to go through the Great Depression, the Second World War, or the fear others would be erased by a nuclear bomb , And slowly die from radiation poisoning or hunger... Of course I can say that with a look that knows the future

Nevertheless, people who could afford it were the first generation to buy a car in large quantities, to have a house turned on with electricity, to have electrical appliances, to regularly listen to the radio, to admire aircraft, Enjoy the real sexual revolution for which I would have participated, go to the cinema regularly, really believe that war was a thing of the past, to have a good vision of the future of the world ...

Therefore yes, I would have liked to live in the 1920s, as a middle class and old enough to remember what life was a few years ago while leaving out the future world war. Moreover, the 1920s are for me the beginning of a whole new generation which is still ours.


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