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What does it mean for EU citizen living in UK and English citizen living in the European Union ?

Synthèse : What does it mean for EU citizen living in UK and English citizen living in the European Union ?. Recherche parmi 236 000+ dissertations

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On 29th March 2019, UK is scheduled to leave the European Union.

— What does it mean for EU citizen living in UK and English citizen living in the European Union ?

As it was on the 29th March 2017 that the process of United Kingdom leaving the European Union was triggered by the Prime Minister, Theresa May. In accordance with the Lisbon Treaty, UK’s departure was immediately scheduled precisely two years later.

Thinking about the relevant position of UK among EU members, the question of what will happen to EU citizens still living in UK or the other way for UK citizen in others EU countries is still in suspense.

BBC news actually wrote an article on how much EU residents in the UK will have to wait to register for settled status which lead to the question on the UK citizenship proceedings and how they will be set up by the members of parliament.

Largest consequences of UK departure from the European Union.

The consequences of UK departure covers large areas. In fact, every point from economic and social issues, policies disturbances, immigrations issues, security and news commercial deals or broken trade deals. Those literally split people’s opinions.

On March 2019, even if people thought politicians might have covered every fields possibles, unexpected issues will still appears at the end of Brexit processing. Actually, there is no chances that everything goes smoothly and there will be two main strands in negotiations about the future: the economic relationship and the wider political relationship, including defense, security and foreign affairs.

First, economic issues, we have all seen money inflation in Great Britain after the Brexit announcement. Everything became rapidly expeensives and tourists were kind of disoriented by the end of 2016. Indeed, the results of such a decision didn’t wait to be visibles. But more important, the problem of the economic interdependence ; because UK is more economically dependent on the EU than vice versa. For example, you should know that 12.6% of UK Gross Domestic Product (GPD) is linked to exports to the EU, compared to only 3.1% of GDP generated from exports to the UK among the other 27 Member States. Overall, 60% of total UK trade is covered by EU membership and the preferential access it grants to 53 markets outside the EU.

The seven most affected industries (financial services, automobile, chemicals/pharmaceuticals aerospace, machinery, food/beverages/tobacco, and professional services) employ 20.79% of the UK labour force. Another measure of EU-UK interdependency is the 1.4 to 1.8 million UK nationals that live in other parts of the EU on a permanent basis.

For others economic’s concern, it’s important to know that EU is the principal source of leverage for Britain in the world. The EU allows the UK to leverage the world’s biggest single market to secure the UK’s economic interests, to shape policies towards the EU’s Eastern and Southern neighborhoods, to maximise its ability to shape global policies on climate change and to give it more clout vis-à-vis countries such as the United States. Leaving the EU would accelerate and make more permanent the UK’s diminished influence in the global order, forcing it to fall back on secondary relationships in order to exert influence.

When you look at immigrations issues, you can’t be easy about it. The truth is quite stark indeed. Because what is driving this country headlong into a chaotic Brexit is an obsession to cut immigration in UK. That’s why people voted to leave the EU. That’s what makes a Norway-style deal impossible, since it would almost certainly allow freedom of movement with mainland Europe. You can assume that there is an hostile environment around the immigration subject.

To resume it, when looking at and assessing a variety of reports and analysis, it is clear that a British exit from the EU will carry with it large economic and political costs. It is also evident that none of the alternative relations with the EU presents itself as more advantageous compared to EU membership. The numbers speak about England economic and « Bank warns no-deal could see UK sink into recession ». The Bank's analysis comes after the Treasury said the UK would be worse off under any form of Brexit. And to not forget,


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