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I’m going to deal with te notion of myth and Heroes. A myth is a popular story or belief that evolves over time an that conveys the ideas of a liven society. Heroes are often the characters of myths. A heroes in seen as someone special, who do things other peoples can’t.

In order to illustrate the notion, have chosen to talk about witches an particularly

How this myth evolved over centuries?

First we will see Witches an witch hunting in 17th century America after that we shall see Witches and witch hunting in 20th century America and finally i will present

1- In 17th century, all of American colonist believed in witches intact they have brought over their belief from europe. Therefore it is American colonist who spread witch hunting. The fact is that it consists in finding an innocent responsible (scapegoat), accused of being engaged in such acts as malevolent sorcery or conspiring with the Devil.

A religious reform movement arose within the Church of England in the 16th century. It was called « Puritanism ». They believed in witches and in the devil therefore witch hunting was justified to protect the community from devil. Suspected witches was also arrested, tortured and often put to death.

In Salem Massachusetts, the witches hunting had began with a mass hysteria was provoked by a group of girls who claimed they had been bewitched and were tormented by some people in their community.

Indeed, at this time, when no one could determine what happening in the city, they suspected the evil.

In the end of this 17th century, a group of girl in Salem, Massachusetts, began to act strangely. They had convulsion and vison. The society at this period believed in predestination and people thought they were possessed by the Devil or they had been bewitched. (who claimed they had been bewitched and were tormented by some people in their community.) Because of the mass hysteria provoked, 150 people were accused of witchcraft. All people suspected to be under the influence of devine was accused often without any substantial evidence and sometimes just because they were silly denounced by someone. She may be burned, tortured, jailed, hung, banished, drowned. The witches’ trials were unfair.

2- In the 20th century, the witch hunting in America is completely deferent than the 17th century. Indeed in the 20th century, a « witch » is someone who is suspected to be against the government or who criticize it. We can see that in « Red scare » or in the « Mc Carthysm ». It is true that during the cold war, Americans were scared about communism. Communism is compare to witches.

We have the perfect exemple of the witches hunting in « not you ». They had denounce other persons to keep their normal life.


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