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Manchester United Oral Bac Anglais

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Manchester United

And now I’m going to present you my subject wich is Manchester United Football club. 

Manchester United FC is a club of English soccer which evolves in Barclays Premier League. The club is situated in Manchester and the matches take place in the stadium of Old Trafford.

The club was based in 1878 and he was named is Newton Heath.

Between 1889 and 1892, Newton Heath plays in the rival championship of the Barclays First League, the Soccer Alliance. The same year First League and Soccer Alliance merge to form a single league distributed an two divisions, Newton Heath is accepted in a first division.

The club is renamed Manchester United Football club during the season of 1901/1902 and the new colors to the club are the Red and the White.

In 1908, Manchester United takes away it’s very first championship of division 1, the club became champion of England in front of Aston Villa with 9 points beforehand.

To date, Manchester United won 20 times the championship of England.

I am now going to speak to you the famous players who played in Manchester United.

First of all, there was Ryan Giggs who the player who has to participate in 963 matches during his career  to the club. He ‘s now the assistant coach of Louis Van Gall.

The best stricker (249 goals) of the club is Bobby Chalton, he won the golden ball in 1966.

Others received the golden ball : George Best, Denis Law and Cristiano Ronaldo who plays at present the Real Madrid

But my favorite player is Memphis Depay, it is a left sticker, he is of Dutch nationality

And of course how do not to speak Wayne Rooney who is in the club since 2004, it is the legend then that him is still in service.

Concerning the prize list, Manchester United is one of the clubs the most titled in Europe with:

- 20 titles of champion of England
- 3 times winners  of the Champions' League (in 1968, 1999,2008)
- 1 title of World cup of Clubs in 2008

As the biggest historic clubs, Manchester has rivals with certain teams of the championship:

- Liverpool FC because it is one of the most popular clubs.

- Manchester City because both teams are divided the city.

The current shirt of Manchester United is creat by Adidas, it is red with white strips. Their sponsor is Chevrolet since 2014 and 

It is the shirt is the most expensive of the history of the soccer. The former sponsor was Nike


To finish, I am going to speak to you about the mythical stadium of Old Trafford which was built in 1909. The theater of the dreams is nicknamed and it is the third stadium of England.

If I chose this topic it is because Manchester United is my favorite English club and it is one of the oldest club of Europe.

My presentation is now finishes, thank you for your attention.


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