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Idée de progrès

I’m going to define the notion “Idea of progress”. The idea of progress can be define as an improvement, a development or a change - a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place. To begin with, we are going to talk about the movie “Gattaca”. Particulary an extract: Human possibilities. Then, we discuss of “under control”, this is a news bulletin about CCTV cameras in Britain. We will try to answer the following question: “ To what expect scientific progress help man in his quest of perfection?”

First of all, the human possibilities is an extract of Gattaca. He shows a future society where we can choose the gender of their children. Indeed, is a new society where people are perfect thanks to scientific progress. The scene takes place in the genetics’ house. In the movie, a person who is born naturally have a bad job contrary to person who is created. That’s why Antonio and Maria, who are character in the movie, want to decide on the gender of their baby. In Gattaca, children are conceived in vitro. It’s not the natural way of conceiving babies. Parents can decide if they want a boy or a girl, they can choose the physical features and they can select specific abilities for their baby. For example, if their baby like sport or musical abilities. Antonio and Maria want baby boy with blue eyes, dark hair and especially they want him to be healthy. To sum up, nothing is left to chance. Parents know beforehand what their baby will be like. We can see how progress scientific can change the life. Thanks to that, we can create people, but it’s not a good possibility because it’s dangerous, that’s why, we must let the nature done.

Secondly, in the second document, we can see a spy society. Indeed, in Middlesborough many cameras have been installed. 144 cameras operate 24hours a day. There is a loudspeaker to. That’s why the cameras monitor the population and operators can tell people what to do and not do thanks to the loudspeakers. For example, they can tell a person to get off a bike when riding on the parement or to pick up a piece of paper or a cigarette to put them in the bin. The goal of this system is to catch offenders. Thanks to that, many offenders have been arrested and the streets are safe. This is a progress scientific who can contribute to make the world a better place. However, people find it scary because they are monitored all the time so they feel spied upon. They are afraid Britain might become a Big Brother society.

To conclude, we can tell that progress scientific is good because people can be stronger and more beautiful and the street can be more safe and clean but the progress scientific is bad too because a society who can choose the gender of their children is very dangerous and people who live in Britain are scared because they are spied.

Locations and forms of power

I’m going to define the notion “ Locations and forms of power”. In politics and social science, power is the ability to influence people's behaviour. In order to live together members of a community accept rules, regulations, laws. This helps to create social cohesion but can also lead to conflicts and tensions. Even when authority seems absolute, there are always counter-powers which question it, aim at limiting its excesses and resist it. To begin with, we are going to talk about the document “gun culture”. Then we discuss about the movie “Bowling for Columbine”. We will try to answer the following question: “Is power an instrument of good or evil?”

First of all, “gun culture” is an extract from Arming America. This is the origins of a National Gun Culture. Indeed in America, each person has a weapon because the population of America is afraid since the terrorism. That’s why they want to protect them with gun. This is a form of power. We can see on the document, two dramatic cover. The first is a young boy with weapon. He is so young, he has not old to have a gun. That’s why the cover has shocked population. The second cover is about the Jonesboro tragedy. Two boys aged eleven and thirteen have shot at the other children in school. They had three rifles and seven pistols. In less than four minutes they fired twenty-two shots, killing four children and their young teacher. After the tragedy, American asked themselves questions. For example: How did we get here? How did the United States reach a point where children shoot and kill? How did we acquire a culture in which Santa Claus gives a six year old boy a shotgun for Christmas? An astoundingly high level of personal violence separates the Unites States from every other nation. The violence are here because the media reinforces the notion that the solution to your problems can be held in your hand and provides immediate gratification. Furthermore, the America has a video game culture. Indeed, they have a killing simulator. That’s why, the America have installed metal detector to check for firearms in school. They want to reduce the power of firearms because he can be an evil instrument.

Secondly, the second document is the Michael Moore’s documentary “Bowling for Columbine”. He speaks of the problems of weapons too. It’s a famous American journalist. He has been many critizid for his film because the population of American does not agree with him. However he shows just the reality. Indeed, the title refers to the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton where 12 students and a teacher were killed by two of their comrades. So, Micheal Moor wants to answer question :   Why is the number of homicides by firearm proportionally


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