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Everyday science progress in all domains. We can ask about the advantages and disadvantages of these science advances and what role they play in our lives. Humans wanted to understand they environment in order to dominate. a few centuries, we went from to middle ages to request of the moon. With the development of the science, men’s acquired a real power.

The robot looks like a human. The woman on this picture seems to be in the clouds because she closes her eyes. When I look at the picture I have a feeling of danger for mankind because the robot takes men’s place in women’s life. Wan can say the robot has men’s capacities and human functions. It’s very impresionante the robot has eyes, he uses his hands to hold the human so he can move, and looks around. He dances! He seems to give her some comfort and affection. She seems to be lively, and happy in the picture. The robot has become manifestedly the woman’s companion. Consequently the cohabitation between robot and woman seems to be possible.

We observe in this paper that the machine has a larger than human intelligence. It is in competition with two men on this image is far ahead. The goal would probably design a machine to compete with humans. The machine suggests the dream of a man or human being and robotics or cohabit naturally take their places and will power. Robots do not let the man work. The man will have no life ... No work, no money, what can he do?


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