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La place des femmes en Inde - Lieu et Formes de pouvoir

TD : La place des femmes en Inde - Lieu et Formes de pouvoir. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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So the today’s report is about the status of women in India. The power of women, the faces of this power, the places of this power will be the main element of this article.

To begin let’s make a bit of history.

 During the 20th (twentieth) century, India has earned his independence from the United Kingdom. Gandhi, called the father of the nation, worked for it. India is now a Multilanguage country with more than a 100 (hundred) language spoken and a central place of the cinematographic culture. After that, India has been a precursor by putting a woman, Indira Gandhi, as a Prime Minister in 1966 (one thousand nine hundred and sixty six). She has been the second woman prime minister in the world but she has been assassinated in 1984 (one thousand nine hundred and eighty four).

However, women are now seen more like a problem in India by the families.

Indian population has grown up, inequalities are huge : 30% (thirty percent) of the population live with less than one euro per day but more than 10000 (ten thousands) multimillionaires are Indian. To face this poverty, Indian families are trying to have boys as we can see in the document “another girl” because boys can work to help their families.

According to this situation, the female population is decreasing in India as it’s said in a report of the Economist in 2011 (two thousand and eleven). As says the reporter of this study, men are more attractive to the families because they can work easier and earn money. So girls are often killed from the birth like in the document “another girl” when the father want to kill his new daughter.

This problem is called a gendercide because the actual situation is making the female population decreased.

Gendercide Awareness Project is a program which consists to help women, give them the access to the education, help them to work, to find a place in the society not like a problem but like a human. The final objective is to stop the crimes, and all the discriminations that women are victim.

Despite the fact that India is now a male-dominating country, women are an example of power.

In the second largest country in terms of population, a country with new technologies,  girls doesn’t have to be undesired. That’s why they are fighting to prove to the male-domination that they can also earn money, learn, and work. They are the face of an idea of power, they want to show to the families that it’s not a problem to make a baby girl and it’s inhuman to killed them just because of their sex. Irina Gandhi was a women, Hinduism has lots of female divinities. Women are in the center of the Indian culture. Nowadays, they are also a synonym of power. Because they fight to their rights.

Thank you for your attention. We can now say that India is a place of power and women are the face of this power.


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