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Idea of progress : to what extent science is a progress ?

Fiche : Idea of progress : to what extent science is a progress ?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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ORAL ANGLAIS LV1, IDEA OF PROGRESS: Voici une introduction complète avec un plan détaillé pour vous aisdr à préparer votre oral de bac: Courage!

I'm going to talk about the notion idea of progress. We can to defind progress in the action to go farward, to grow, to be better. In the biginning, scientist invented Man Machine who is a robot who looks like an human being and with the time they succed in creating machine man. Nowadays they create robots more and more performant. We can ask to what extend science is a progress.

At the first part, we will see the man machine, the machine man at the second part. At the last, we will determine the advantages ans drawbacks of this progress.

I. Man machine

A. human like robot

-I Robot, Alex Proya 2004

-HRP 4C, Japanese robot, 2009

-Isaac Asinov: the tree laws

B. Intelligent machines

-Watson: IBM's new supercomputer, which succeded in beating two though homan competitors at Jeopardy.

-Michio Kaku: artificial intelligence is going to become omnipresent

II. Machine man

-Bionic Age

Warwicks experimentation

III. Where are you heding?

A. Txo what extend is science fiction an indication of what is to come next?

Bionoc age, Kevin Smith

B. Should you fear progress?

Gattaca, 1997: the sex selection

C. Reasons to trust progress

Brave a new world: princip of mass production

To conclude, the science is a real progress with many improvement it help people and make their life more easier. But today, many people are scared of progress because it is at the roots of contrast betwenn people.


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