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Idea of progress: to what extent has social progress generated a widening gap between women in the 21st century?

Fiche : Idea of progress: to what extent has social progress generated a widening gap between women in the 21st century?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to deal with the notion idea of progress.

A progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or social advance which makes the world better.

And I have decided to link this notion to the unit « Women, a long march to freedom ».

And we will see to what extent has social progress generated a widening gap between women in the 21st century?

I. A Big change with the swinging 60s in the United Kingdom

II. Step forward, lots of success stories but which have also paved the way for further inequality:

III. Is shattering the glass ceiling possible?

Before the WWII, Women didn’t have any rights, as we mentioned in class they were not able to defend themselves, to ask for divorce or to make a will. But men could do, they also could have mistress or sue his wife. So at that time women were not considered as human being equal to men. They also had to stay home because no sooner had they got married, then they had to stop working to devote their times to their husbands. But during the 2nd WW, women began working because of a lack of manpower. Women were needed. And people figure out that women were as gifted as men. However, after this war women were forced to live their jobs. So we can conclude that before 1945 women were only used, we took them when we were in need and throw out next.

That why the swinging 60’s was a big step forward, the first women law passed in 1961, Women were able to take the pill. And women could also have abortion since 1973. This period of counter culture was the change of the women rights in the 21st century. Women can now decide to have a child.

In the late 60’s Women still fight for equal wages as men. And in 1968, several laws were passed to a deep transformation of British society and of the way of women were considered at works as well as at home.

The fact that women can work makes that more inequalities took place.

In fact, women don’t generally have a pride of place in the society, and are still discriminated against.

Some jobs and achievements are considered much better for women and other for men.

For example: carpenter is a “manjob” and midwife is a “womanjob”

Furthermore, men are jealous and envious about successful women.

In addition, the American government try to give important to women with putting a women picture on a $10 bill. But who? that why it will create new inequality’s

To my mind it’s actually impossible to shattered the glass ceiling because in all country women have not the same wages as men, they are less-paid.

In addition, the glass ceiling is not concerning only women. Other people are concerning by it, such as gay, foreign or people who have different religion

So people need to be more open minded and in my opinion it’s impossible to open mind all person on the earth.


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