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Idea of progress : how have exchanges changed the English language ?

Dissertation : Idea of progress : how have exchanges changed the English language ?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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Idea of progress

I pick the notion Idea of progress. The progress is the evolution. So I’m gonna talk about the evolution of English. How have exchange changed the English language? In a first place I’m gonna talk about the History of this language. And in a second time I’m gonna talk about the different changes that we can see since the apparition of smartphone.

In class we saw a video name “History of English” which explain the evolution of English. The exchange between population began in 400 CE with Celts in Britain who were ruled by Romans who protected them from barbarian Saxons tribes of the Northern Europe. But the Roman Empire began to crumble and they withdrew from Britain. With the Romans gone, the Germanic tribes, the Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians quickly sailed across the water, did away with the Celts and formed kingdoms in the British Isles. For several centuries, these tribes lived in Britain and their Germanic language: Anglo Saxon, became the common language what we call Old English. Many words are recognizable today like father or heaven. In the 700’s a series of Viking invasion began which leads to the split of the island in half. The south belonged to the Saxons, and the other half belonged to Danes who spoke Old Norse. With the time Old Norse mixed with Old English. Many Old Norse words like freckles, leg, skin, root or want are still part of English. 300 years later in 1066, the Norman conquest brought war again to the British Isles. The Norman were Vikings who settled in France and abandoned the Viking language and culture in favor of a French lifestyle. They placed a Norman king on the English throne and for 3 centuries, French was the language of the British royalty. Society in Britain come to have two levels: French speaking aristocracy & Old English speaking peasants. Catholics who came with the Norman added Latin words to the mix. Some words like Council, Marriage, Parliament, Sovereign are recognizable for us. English people rapidly know what they have to do if they want to sound sophisticated they would use words that had come from French and Latin, Anglo Saxon words seemed so plain like the peasants who spoke them. Now the language is very different we can say that they spoke another language that the new English but in fact some words are still presents . Anyway we got a way easier to speak now: the text messages and the globish language.


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