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The American Dream

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The American dream

First of all, the very popular “American dream” is symbol of United States. It’s a set of ideals, in which there are the success, the wealth, the prosperity, and opportunities. The “American dream” represents everything of the social success, and there are many examples to talk about the “American dream”.

We especially have three strong examples of ideals of the “American dream” and social success in United States, Martin Luther King, Jr. Barack Obama, and a last one James Gatz alias “The Great Gatsby”, the main character of a novel wrote by F. Scoot Fitzgerald.

The fist one, Martin Luther king who was a leading figure of civil rights movement in the 1920’s didn’t really lived the “American dream”, but he fought all his life against racism, and differences between black Americans and white Americans, He wanted that black Americans could realize too their “American dream” as white people. He wanted they could have same opportunities, same rights, that they cols have prestigious jobs such as lawyer, CEO, or even become the president of United States as Barack Obama in 2008. The election of Barack Obama as president allowed black Americans to believe again in the “American dream” Because black Americans used to be victims of segregation, they were put aside, considered inferior, and they were not treated as human beings. So the victory of a black American at the presidential election was a big step forward for the black American community.

Lastly, I’m going to talk of the “American dream of a white person, James Gatz, alias “The Great Gatsby”. His story set in the 1920’s, during the Jazz age when people used to believe a lot in the “American dream”. He met a millionaire from whom he started working, from that moment he became aware of the possibilities of The “American dream”. Jay Gatsby became very successful by hard-working and perseverance.

In my opinion, the “American dream” is first of all is a question of motivation, perseverance and work and everybody cant realize what he wants as possible. It’s also when the life is better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.


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