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"Honesty Is The Best " étude en anglais

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Honesty is the Best Policy

‘’Honesty is the Best Policy ‘’ is a famous English quote used by the parents to teach the good way to their children but also by some famous Presidents like Benjamin Francklin or Thomas Jefferson. This means that whatever happens, something wrong, something ashamed, be sincere is the best to do. It is undeniable that an important part of people met in our life is dishonnest and this raises the question : Is this maxim still true?

In the one hand, there are some reason which can explain dishonesty and excuse it. Sometimes, tell the truth at the time, is worse than a lie. During the World Wars, governments used propaganda and censorship to keep control on the population. Some people will say that was an abuse of power, nevertheless governments needed it to win the WW. In the other hand, nowadays, there are lots of abuses which suggest that to lie is natural and normal. The TV illustrates this point with the advetising which gives wrong information to sell more, the politicians swear to make a change and improve everything in order to be elected and the government censures some compromising information. For instance, after Chernobyl, they said that nobody was in danger. More recently, after Fukuchima nuclear disaster, the french government classified the public radioactif plots from a Chambery laboratory. Leading figures and governments have big responsibilities and should show the example.

The fact is that honesty still necessary to lead our life and even lead a country. In the USA, when people are judged they must be honest because perjury is punished. For example, Lance Amstrong, a professional road racing cyclist, lie about doping. When he confessed his lie, people were not disappointed because he was a fake legend but because they relied upon him and he lied them. This shows that honesty still very important, because people base their confiance on it. That is why parents and teachers try to teach this quality from the early age.

To conclude, honesty is still one of the most important social quality in the same way as loyality, kindness, gallantry, fidelity… And if some people seem to forget it, it stays in the popular minds as something essential in the education.


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