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What do the new Americans aspire to?

Dissertation : What do the new Americans aspire to?. Recherche parmi 259 000+ dissertations

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We’re going to be interested in the notion of spaces and exchanges. This notion can also represent areas of activity thanks to the term « spaces ». The term « exchanges »refers to commercial or migratory flows, for example, between two countries . The term that we study allows you to learn about the evolution and integration of migrants within America, a coveted territory. The term of the migrants is the main topic of the notion « spaces and exchanges ». What do the new Americans aspire to? In first time we will discover the migrant’s experience through different testimonials about the American dream. In a second time we will gone to explain how migrant, mainly Vietnamese, are integrated in America. Finally, we’re going to study the famous Museum of Ellis Island fully integrated into this notion.

Beginning the 20th century, the greater number of immigrants came from Europe whereas today they are mainly come from Asia and Latina America. All come in this state to have a better life although their goals are different from each other. So to illustrate our words we’re going to take the example of several migrants, Martin Mutoda and Nick Injows, both from respectively Bulgaria and Kenya. Martin came to the US to study in order to have a well-paid job. At the first sight he was hopeful for the future since he got his degree. He was thinking that in America he would have no problem to find work but finally he didn’t find work. So, before that Martin Matoda had a good vision of the American dream but today he thinks that the American dream is only a legend thanks to this bad experience. Nick Injows, him, fled his native country to seek, him too, a job opportunity in America. Migrating in US, he thought have a job quickly: and he did it. However he was laid of three times but he didn’t feel hopeless and he decided to work for himself. Finally, he had a job so he thinks today that the American Dream is already present even if he had bad experiences about it. We saw that not all migrants have the same point of view about the American Dream. In the next part, we will be interested by a particular case of migrants, the Vietnamese population.

43 years ago, it was the end of the Vietnam war: tens of thousands of Vietnamese people had lost everything and decided to escape from their native country in order to seek refuge in America. This exile in America concerned 40 000 of Vietnamese, settled in the town of San Diego, and represent perfectly the notion of « spaces and exchanges »because it’s a migratory flow so an exchange between two territories (Vietnam and America). How do they find a new life? In reality the Vietnamese women renewal hope in an unexpected business which is nail salons. Constitute the perfect job for them because they could start with little money, they didn’t need a high education, they didn’t need to be fluent in English and they didn’t need a lot of skills. It’s the beginning of a multicultural society, the melting pot, a mix between several cultures united in a single country.

This final part deals with the national museum of immigration of America, the museum of Ellis Island.

This museum regroups the story of the American immigration through a platform which welcomed sixty million people in America. Symbol of the liberty, this museum is the perfect vision of the American dream for migrants.

To conclude, America represent a dream for the migrants but not all have the same vision about this dream. Different flows allow spaces to develop their society through new cultures like Mexican food, Japanese sports or African Music for example.


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