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What do the new American aspire to ?

Dissertation : What do the new American aspire to ?. Recherche parmi 259 000+ dissertations

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Hello, today I’m going to speak about the immigration in the USA.

In this chapter, we wondered what do the new American aspire to ? This question can be fit into the concept of spaces and exchanges. According to the dictionary, exchange can appear on many forms : trade , information and also people. So the immigration is linked to this notion. The USA is a nation of immigrants. It was the first destination for immigrants in the past, it’s a favorite destination for immigrants today and it may still be the destination number 1 in the future. This notion deals with the spaces occupied by these immigrants. In a first part, I will present the reasons, for the immigrants to leave their life and to go to the USA. In a second part I’m going to explain the American Dream and finally about the complications for their integration.

These immigrants can have a lot of reasons, to leave their life and go to far away in another country. For exemple we studied a picture with the class. It was to escape from a war. They can want to find a better job or better life or for them or their family. America offered the opportunity to make a new life in a land that valued liberty. Immigrants hopes to have a better life, we studied some characters of this type. We listened to an audio document in which there were three characters, who came to have better life, a better situation. One of them called Martin matoda, came from Bulgaria because he wanted to have better chance to find a job, he wanted to access the educational system. He wanted to find a better job with is degree. Another, called nick Injows, came from Kenya, because he also wanted to find a better job, because he thought that there were more opportunities in America than in his country. Nevertheless, it’s very hard, for the characters, to leave their life, their country, because by doing this, they abandon their family and their house. This choice can be selfish. The family and they friend suffer a lot with the departure of their houses loved one but sometimes the taste for adventure and risk are stronger than remorse.

Sometimes, these immigrants leave everything because they want to access the American dream. The American Dream is the possibility for every immigrant to start from scratch, to succeed whereas he has nothing, just with his courage. That is enough and with this he can prosper. It suggests a better life for the future. They hope to realise this American Dream. Nevertheless they may have doubts about they future jobs, maybe they fear they might not find a good job and so not have their chance to succeed In America. We studied a document about this. Ha called “the dreamt act, the student would like to become American citizens, take their exams and graduate to become legals student. They’re fighting for their status for the dream act to be voted. When you’re undocumented you fear being expelled you can’t have plans for the future.

Indeed, the integration for these immigrants, is hard. They are facing a lot of difficulty. They hope a lot but they can be disappointed when they arrive. For example Martin matoda was hopeful for the future since he got is MBA, he was confident he would find a good job with his degree. Yet with the economical crisis, he didn’t find any job. He feels rather disappointed and frustrated. For nick Injows, it was also hard because he lost his job three times but


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