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What are the advantages and disavantadges of a multicultural society?

Synthèse : What are the advantages and disavantadges of a multicultural society?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Many immigrants moved all over the world through centuries. Some people say there are only advantages to live in a multicultural society, others think today there disadvantages.

So, we will see in a first part the advantages of a multicultural society and the disadvantages in a second part before concluding.

Most people think that multiculturalism is good for host countries.

First, ethnic minorities have got their own language, religion, way of life, traditions, clothes, food. It could be a cultural wealth to know other cultures for the new host countries. Migrants came to find better works, a better life, political stability, security; so they wanted to be accepted. Besides we can try to solve their integration problems if we know them better.

Moreover, ethnic minorities can keep and practice quietly their culture if they respect laws in their new country. Otherwise, they have to learn the new language, to care about their new country, to be proud about this identity; to participate in social, professional and cultural life; to be tolerant; to live in harmony with others.

Nevertheless, living in a multicultural society could have disadvantages.

On the one hand some migrants often live in ghettos and because there are too many different cultures, violence appears.

On the other hand, migrants are rejected by racist people when they show too much, outside their difference. It may create tensions in the new country; especially as we have an economic crisis. Foreigners are often seen as the guilty.

To my opinion, there are more advantages than disadvantages in a multicultural society. The more difficult to live in harmony each others, is to find the balance between integration and multiculturalism.

Ethnic minorities have the right to keep their customs but they have to adapt and respect rules of their new country; to know its history and ways of thinking without leaving their.


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