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What are the pros and cons of shopping online

Commentaire de texte : What are the pros and cons of shopping online. Recherche parmi 286 000+ dissertations

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More and more customers are buying their clothes online rather than going into stores. What are the pros and cons of this new trend?

First of, let’s face it, shopping online is way more convenient than going into stores. There is no traffic, no crowds, no sales pressure, you are totally in control with what you look at and decide of. Secondly you usually have more variety and better prices online. And it’s much easier to compere prices from different sellers and different sites. So to summon things up: online shopping is a time saver and you can also save money and get better deals than in the stores.

Now what are the cons of this online trend? Online shopping has a negative impact on the environment, it uses a lot of packaging, plastic and gas. Some companies like “Asos” are aware of this and make recyclable packaging but the majority don’t. Making online shopping so easy can have a negative impact on your wallet too. It’s so easy and just one click away that people tend to make impulsive decisions. In addiction, every online shopper has probably encountered delivery problems or delays at least ones, its frustrating but happens quiet often. A scary part of shopping online is you don’t exactly know what you’re getting or if it fits you, and returns can be complicated from time to time. Not going to the stores means not getting professional advise which can be usefully on your product, for example on the quality or the sizing. It also means not getting any social interaction, or meeting with a certain community. And my last point, but one very important, is the fact that you are not supporting your local retailers


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