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To what extent current debates around weapons in USA are the consequence of history?

Commentaire de texte : To what extent current debates around weapons in USA are the consequence of history?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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To what extent current debates around weapons in USA are the consequence of history?

     Today I’m going to speak about gun’s power in USA. Nowadays, the position took by weapons in America is definitely an issue and also the origin of plenty of debates in the country. In fact, the American Constitution allow all the population to own a weapon like a gun for instance without so many conditions. That is why, this law is a reason of division between people living in USA. We will discuss more about pro-arm people and those who are fighting against this law and moreover, we will also see what are their motivations. As a matter of fact, all the country is taking part in this debate and especially politicians during their campaign or some celebrities, artists. It shows that this law of the Constitution is part of history and is currently in the thick of many arguments. Hence the question which will lead our reflexion:

To what extent current debates around weapons in USA are the consequence of history? 

I am going to speak on the one hand about the history of weapons in USA and on the other hand about its impact in current policies and debates.

  1. Why weapons in USA are creating debates?
  1. History of weapons in USA:
  • 2nd amendment in the Constitution / “country of Liberty”

Expliquer le 2e amendment – l’énoncer – pourquoi cela devient une partie de l’histoire américaine – une part de la culture – self défense

  • First and foremost, weapons in America are coming from the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution which protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments contained in the Bill of Rights which is the declaration of rights allowing different liberties as liberty of press for instance and limiting federal government’s powers. “A militia well organized is necessary to the security of a free State.”
  • The idea of this right came from  England  the purpose was to create a global militia
  • Beginning of the XII century  Henri II decided to make a law in order to obligate everyone ton own a weapon for the global security  it was not change until 1671  as a consequence, just a couple of years after USA’s independence: bill of rights and weapons adopted
  • Considered as one of the most important right just equal as the liberty of press, of expression  helps us to understand why this law is definitely a part of American culture / history  self-defence is seen as something really important: explains why the regulation does not really exist even if some cities as Washington allow weapons only if their owner announced it to the police  form of regulation to secure people who think it is dangerous  As a matter of fact, the 2nd amendment at first sight is lacking in issues and contribute to present USA as “the country of liberty” but some facts showed us negative points of the 2nd amendment.

  1. Some faults in this law:
  • Mass shooting: “bowling in Columbine”

Expliquer les faits – les raisons – pourquoi ces faits viennent alimenter les débats → transition

as a result: bear, own a weapon is now a part of history that’s why it’s difficult to forbade  impossible to prevent people from bear weapons, can’t remove a part of the constitution (explain)


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