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Idea of progress: to what extent is a designer baby a form of progress?

Fiche : Idea of progress: to what extent is a designer baby a form of progress?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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To what extent is a designer baby a form of progress?

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To what extent is a designer baby a form of progress?

The idea of progress basically consists in believing that the world can become better in terms of arts, science, technology and quality of life. Progress implies changes and some evolution from an older with old tradition to a new order which is not necessarily embraced by all. To illustrate this notion Idea of progress, we talk about a science on the designer babies which will become more important in the next few decades. So to what extent is a designer baby a form of progress?

I think that this photo represent really well what is a designer baby. On the first part, a baby designer is not a baby like the other; it’s a new genetic diagnosis technique would soon offer couples “a choice of gender, eye color, hair color and complexion for example”. Introduced in the 1990s, genetic diagnosis has long been used for medical purpose, averting the genetic diseases in children.  But, now is possible to choose the trait selection of the baby or his QI. And this photo represents a baby that is possible to choose all the pieces of his special baby as hair, skins color or his face which is a characteristic of a designer baby.

For this new science of the custom-made baby, numerous points of view face each other with other those that are for this progress and those who are against it. This document presents different point of view, the first is Julian Savulescu who is agree with the baby designer’s science. He says “when it comes to screening out personality flaws, such as potential alcoholism, psychopathy and disposition to violence, you could argue that people have a moral obligation to select ethically better children. They are, after all, less likely to harm themselves and others.” So, he thinks that parents have a moral obligation to don’t have a baby with this particularity. Or still the Alejandro Villeda’s example where is saying that “I don’t know many people who would feel victimized by a procedure that may save them from a life of suffering”. And, he considers that this technique could help on the baby’s health. Some others persons thinks that also the parents give all the chance of his future child to have a better life without disease  a kind of and with a kind of intelligence more developed that the others babies. But, we have others arguments as parents may already be struggling to cope with a very sick child. As well as causing severe pain, some disorders lead to premature death, loss of dignity, severe mental illness.  

Or again, a parent may already have a severe disability themselves, and may not be around long to look after a child with the same condition.

But the document present others point of view which is against this form of progress as Jamil Charles (citation) or still the citation of Andres Perez, We don't know the risks of PGD yet, the second arguments can be the parents is treating a sacred human life as a thing and it involves destroying embryos that are genetically distinct human lives and all this science is just accessible for the rich, so the gap between the rich and the poor could be more developed.

To illustrate my first part, we talk about different examples of designer baby. Like this extract of the newspaper USA Today published the 1 October 2010. Which talk about a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). In fact, the girl who is called Molly has the disease Fanconi’s Anemia, which is a rare illness that kills many of its victims before the age of 7. And the only solution, it’s to have a bone marrow. So her parents decide to have a second child with this science to PGD to pick out the embryo implanted to give birth to her brother Adam. Also, the cord blood cells transplanted into Molly came from her then newborn brother, Adam. He was the first reported case of baby selected as an embryo in a fertility lab for birth because his immune system characteristics made him an ideal transplant candidate for his sister. This young girl represents the human answer to the debate over a genetic screening technique "pre-implantation genetic diagnosis” that made headlines a decade ago. But, some histories talk about a bad utilization of the PGD. For example, this text my sister’s keeper of Todi Picoult present the story of parents who decides to have a baby designer to save his child Kate, who have a rare illness. On the first part, parents received hate e-mail, and also the baby designer refuses in the novel at the moment to give some elements of her body when she grows up. And also in India, parents want absolutely a baby boy, but in a previous years, some men won’t have a husband and the problem will probably decrease and it should be the worst things that it could be happen.


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