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To what extent can we say that money is a form of power ?

Discours : To what extent can we say that money is a form of power ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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First of all i am going to give a definition of the notion of places and forms of power:

The power is a strength or force exerted or capable to be exerted by a person, group or a nation onto people to influence their behavior, their choices. In order to live together, members of a community have to submit themselves to rules and laws of society. This helps to create social cohesion but it can also lead to conflicts.

I'd like to show that money is a good illustration of the notion of power.

To what extent can we say that money is a form of power ?

1- Money has great influence in our modern world... (The wolf in wall street)

Indeed money has great influence in our modern world, as we can see in the film The Wolf in Wall Street, it often lead to excess when it comes in abundance. The negative aspect of money is that humans tends to forget their real goals and are often stranded into their desires. People with that much money also forget the real value of their richness and are disconnected from the reality of the 99 percent of the world, who work to live, to feed themselves. These rich people spend money for anything. They are often spending money, as the film shows us, on illegal stuff like whores, drugs, and anything they think is funny. They don't really care about what laws said, they think they are above the laws and it is often true, the corruption in our world and particularly in poor countries is a real struggle

2- ... but it also have its limits (sinking of an empire)

  • corruption illegal
  • counterpower when it become public
  • outlaws
  • sinking of an empire, rupert murdoch

In conclusion, we are sure that money is a real form of power but it also have is not limitless. This form of power is often negative because it is often related to corruption and also drive their users to bad sides of moral in our society.They rearely follow the path of wisdom but go straight into the dark side.


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