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Myths and Heroes : To what extent myths and heroes can influence our society and history ?

Dissertation : Myths and Heroes : To what extent myths and heroes can influence our society and history ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myths And Heroes

I will begin by to present a definition of the notion myths and heroe.

A myth is a story that may true or false. Myths originated of the myhtologie in the culture, she includes the religion, legends, a creation of our world and our heroes.

A heroe is a person whom has courage, often high qualities. It’s seen like a model.

For treat this notion, I will answer at next question : Towhat extent myths and heroes can influence our society and history ?

I will take for first exemple : Rob Lawrie like a heroe, with her story at Calais, and for second exemple : Americain Dream like a myth.

The first document is a newspaper article speak about a Rob Lawrie the former soldier. It’s seen like a heroe because he was helping build shelters in the Jungle camp. After several weeks, he decided to try and save an Aghan girls and he hid a young girl in his van on october 24. However he was arrested by French police.

Her sentence did upset public, they support for his cause and thousands of people have signed a petition, for Foreign Secretary to ask the french authorities for clemency.

The second document is a chronology of American Dream. The myth is a notion that the American social, economic and political system make sucess possible for every people.

This idea born in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness.

People want get a better life and are ready to work hard. Today’s the definition of the American Dream is different. People no seek a great wealth or sucess, but rather avoid a poverty or loneliness.

For conclude, i think that mythes and heroes have a important place in our society and history.

These are examples of models whom have a impact on population, are defending values, and may change the vision of  things.


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