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Myths and heroes : To what extent have great women been crucial in promoting gender equality?

Cours : Myths and heroes : To what extent have great women been crucial in promoting gender equality?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Today I'm going to deal with the notion of Myths and heroes.

A hero is a great person endowed with extraordinary strength and qualities, it is somebody who dedicates his life to fight against injustice and accomplishes great actions.

To illustrate this notion, I will talk about feminism and the role of women in their struggle.

This leads me to wonder: To what extent have great women been crucial in promoting gender equality?

So first I will reflect on the role of women in the field of education, then in the family and finally in work.

First of all, feminism is a social movement defending women's rights on the ground of the equality of gender.

In the past, only boys had the right to education. Against this discrimination, great women fought for the right of girls to education in the world.

To illustrate this idea, I would refer to the text "Nobel Prize is for all children voiceless" who shows that Malala is fighting for the right to education of women. Despite her young age, she started her campaign for women's right to education. While she was almost dead, she continued to fight for gender equality. Today, her voice is heard worldwide and she received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Thanks to her, women have more access to education than before.

There are also many changes to be made in mentalities, the role and the place of women in the family cell.

Formerly our societies were dominated by men. Women as second-class citizens had no rights over their family, children, property, and none had social status. Women, fed up with this situation of inequality, have joined forces to fight for their rights.

There was, for example, a rebellion against gender inequality in the 19th century in England.

To illustrate this idea, I will quote feminist Caroline Norton, who rebelled against this unfair situation by writing a letter to the Queen. Thanks to her courage and determination, more equitable laws for women were adopted, as in 1870 the law on the property of married women.

This act shows that women are beginning to be heard and to have influence.

We have to change people's view of gender because many stereotypes persist.

Jenifer Lopez is one of the artists encourages women to fight these stereotypes is. In her video clip "Is not Your Mama" she denounces the sexist stereotypes of the sixties to the eighties, some of which still dictate the lives of a few women. She present themselves as simple housewives, who are good at cooking, who take care of the family, and who care for their husbands.

She encourages women to rebel against these inequalities.

The Second World War was a turning point for women. There were no longer reduced to be mere housewives and they proved


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