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Myths and heroes : to what extent heroes in heroic fantasy can really be considered as heroes?

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I’m going to talk about the notion of ‘’myths and heroes

First let me explain what a myth stands for and define the notion of ‘’heroes ``

A myth is a story that may or may not be true. We usually have no records or other proof that they happened. These stories have great symbolic power, people keep telling them over and over.

A hero is often seen as a courageous and physically strong character. Heroes are admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities .they are very helpful; They usually are main characters in books or films. He usually performs heroic acts. A hero can be a person we look up to.

However heroes in heroic fantasy don’t look like traditional heroes they are not particularly brave are from humble origins and they don’t like adventure

So we can wonder to what extent heroes in heroic fantasy can really be considered as heroes?

In the first part I’m going to talk about the fantasy world in the second part I will present the characters in heroic fantasy

1) The fantasy world is a magical world where the heroes live a magical story on a day. Heroes face evil by receiving the help of several character such as the wizard. These events often take place in forests or castles. The scenes are set in medieval time. The characters are experimenting exciting adventures that are quite innovative for their time.

Everything usually takes place in a mysterious forest with some weird creatures.

We find out that this world combines heroes’ deeds and magic landscapes even the most insignificant character can be a hero here. For instance the hobbit

2) The hero of this world seems to be fearful, puny, of humble origin which in the queue of history becomes a hero after each boll becomes stronger. He is quite often found with other characters, such as wizards, dragons, all kind of scary creatures. Some of them become very helpful in the hero’s quest; others make them freak out.

As a conclusion I will say that we find heroes every day and everywhere in our societies. Some of them are well-known heroes like Martin Luther king who fought the good fight for African American .Through his contribution to give black people the right to vote and being considered as a regular citizen. Others are our uncles, neighbors or friends who make a good decision one day in their life.


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