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Notion space and exchanges

Cours : Notion space and exchanges. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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I'm going to talk about the notion Spaces and Exchanges.

First of all, a space can be defined as the distance to a country.

An exchange can appear on many forms like culture,money or migration,here the immigration of latinos. Immigration is linked to this notion with the legal and illegal migration fron a country to another,to work for money in return. First, we will answer,Who are they, Then we will work on the border against illegal immigration to the US and their economic role in the USA.


I) Who are they?

1) Biggest minority groups with 43 millions people

-40 % of them are foreign born and 13 % are undocumented in 2050 they could amount fort 25 % of us

2) illegal immigrants

-undocumented, don't have a green card like Jose Vargas : a Washington post reporter

-There are political and economic instabilities in their native countries so they migrate

II) A border against the illegal immigration to the US

1) Families divided

-Many people are forced to gou out of their native countries to have the hope f being in better conditions or live the AD

2) They risk their lives by crossing the desert to reach the US/ 350 mollions crossing per year many of the are illegal

Most of the peoples are driven by « coyotes » who,for the most can alors be drung dealers.

They have to cross the Sonora desert, many of them die of thirst or exhaustion on the way

Some of them want to cross the wall to find a job int the Us. Most of them are undocumented and don't have a green card

III) Their economic roles in the US

1) They work lillegally that is tosay witout a green card. Some stereotypes exist like illegal migrants steal jobs from american. They just do the meast attrative jobs the American don't want to do

The taxs do'nt go up because of immigrants work for less money than Americans. They buy food, car, cellsphones, go to restaurants and get haircuts but it's no net net impact on employment rate. The benefits for Americans is to pay lower prices for restaurants meal or products

TO CONCLUDE, we can say illegal immigration don't only bad sides. They are good for the US economy but are seen as a drain on government spending. They improve the life level of the Americans. They can give sme benefits for the cuntry where they live

When will people minds change about illegal immigrants ? When will they be accepted just as people, humans and not just as low-cost employees?


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