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Notion Spaces And Exchanges

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Is the american dream still alive ?



I’m going to introduce you the subject of the immigration in the USA from long time ago to today.

This subject takes part in the notion of space and exchange.

The USA is a very famous country for immigration because of  the American Dream and in 1931, James Adams tried to give a definition. For him American dream means that life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone with opportunity for each according to ability on achievement, regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.

Now, is American dream still alive ?

For answer I’m going go talk about who lived and lives the dream, why they come, and once arrived in the usa, does immigrants think that American dream is still alive.



In a first time, we can separated the immigration in two waves.

The first wave concerns those who arrived on Ellis Island, as we learn in the document call “Getting there” and wich is a Ellis Island video.

Indeed, Ellis Island is a small island in the bay of New York, and it was a major immigration station from 1892 to 1943, and was closed in 1954

The people who arrived by this island was for the majority Italians and jews from Russia. We can conclude that it was immigrants from southern and easternd Europe.

To enter in the usa, they musted stay on Ellis Island, where they were tagged, then they went through lines and medical legal inspections to check if they were fit to enter.

This video also show us that before this wave of immigration, the usa was already peopled by those that we called “brave pioneers” and who colonized America, the germans, the irish, and the british.

            Today, there still are people who arrived in the usa. It’s the second wave.

They came by legal or illegal ways, and they came from all over the world, like Farah Naficy who came from Iran.


Secondly, I going to talk about the reasons why immigrants leaved

We know that every immigrant goes to usa because they wanted a better life and because the American dream was attractive.

That is important to know is how was  their life in their country.

The Ellis Island video teach us that the first wave’s immigrants was escaped political or religions, because they was persecuted. They also leaved because there was poverty, wars and famine. In the USA, they seen/saw the chance to have a new beginning in the New World, far away for the misery that they always know.

 We even that Ellis Island was a “gate way to get away”.

I chose the song “America” from the musical West Side Story to know how was the life of the puertoricains in Puerto Rico.

This tells us that they leaved Puerto Rico because it’s a island devastated by hurricanes. Also, It is


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